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Dirt Cult Reviews

Chiller - s/t
Dirt Cult - Rockstar, 2018

Reviewed on Feb 13, 2018

Serial chiller.

Unwelcome Guests - Anything You Want
Unwelcome Guests
Anything You Want
Dirt Cult, 2016

Reviewed on Aug 7, 2019

Whatever You Want

Big Dick - s/t
Big Dick
Dirt Cult, 2013

Reviewed on Mar 11, 2013

Not genitalia

the Magnificent - Bad Lucky
the Magnificent
Bad Lucky
Dirt Cult - Drunken Sailor - Eager Beaver - just say no to government music, 2012

Reviewed on Apr 26, 2012

Could they emulate the high standards they set on the 7inches?

Low Culture - s/t
Low Culture
Dead Broke Rekerds - Dirt Cult - Drunken Sailor - Rad Girlfriend, 2012

Reviewed on Aug 15, 2012

Bodes well for a future album.

Sundowners - s/t
Dirt Cult, 2012

Reviewed on Sep 13, 2012

Can I say they sound a little like Get Bent?

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