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Brutal Panda Reviews

Glassing - Spotted Horse
Spotted Horse
Brutal Panda, 2019

Reviewed on Jun 17, 2019

My lovely horse.

Dead Now - s/t
Dead Now
Brutal Panda, 2018

Reviewed on Oct 16, 2018


Sweat Lodge - Tokens For Hell
Sweat Lodge
Tokens For Hell
Brutal Panda, 2017

Reviewed on Aug 7, 2017

Back of the queue.

Mantar - Death By Burning
Death By Burning
Brutal Panda - Svart, 2015

Reviewed on Jul 5, 2015

Two-man metal onslaught.

Fight Amp - Constantly Off
Fight Amp
Constantly Off
Brutal Panda, 2015

Reviewed on Sep 28, 2015

Rugged, ragged, hoary, hairy.

Wild Throne - Blood Maker
Wild Throne
Blood Maker
Brutal Panda, 2014

Reviewed on Jun 10, 2014

Delicious prog-metal dynamism.

Ladder Devils - Clean Hands
Ladder Devils
Clean Hands
Brutal Panda, 2014

Reviewed on Nov 7, 2014

Go foul.

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