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Bell Witch / Monarch gigs

added by Alex Deller on Monday December 4 2017 in Gigs

Doom-and-gloomsters Bell Witch are hooking up with Monarch and playing a handful of gigs this side of the channel as part of a wider European tour early next year. The dates are:

28/03 - Bristol, The Exchange

29/03 - Glasgow, Nice & Sleazy

30/03 - Manchester, Rebellion

31/03 - London, Boston Music Room

Dischord Records news

added by Alex Deller on Friday December 1 2017 in Labels

Some cool stuff - old and new - on the way from the mighty Dischord! They'll be reissuing Shudder To Think's 'Ten Spot' LP (out Jan 19th), and before that a vinyl reissue of Smart Went Crazy's excellent parting shot, 'Con Art'. Keeping things current, there'll be a new Red Hare album out at some point in the new year, which'll be a split release with the band's own Hellfire Records.

link: dischord.com

Negative Space and Celetoids pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Friday December 1 2017 in Pre-orders

The seemingly-unstoppable Drunken Sailor Records have two more records available for pre-order: an LP called'Gestalt' from jittery post-punkers Negative Space and a 12" EP from Croatian punx The Celetoids titled (somewhat ominously, if you ask me) 'Pupal Stage'.

link: drunkensailorrecords.co.uk

Death Engine / Wren 2018 tour

added by Alex Deller on Friday December 1 2017 in Gigs

French brutalists Death Engine will embark on a shortish tour next year in support of their upcoming 'Place Noire' LP, and they'll be taking UK mob Wren with them. They'll be in these places on these days:

21/04 - Edinburgh

22/04 - Manchester

23/04 - tba

24/04 - tba

25/04 - Bristol

26/04 - Brighton

27/04 - London

link: apocaplexy.blogspot.com

Parasite - 'Zankyo' LP

added by Alex Deller on Thursday November 23 2017 in Pre-orders

Japanese G.I.S.M. fanatics Parasite have an LP on the way via Tadpole Records and Boss Tuneage. Here's some blurb: "For fans of G.I.S.M, Randy Uchida Group, G.A.T.E.S and Döraid – If you like riffs, solos and metal punk this is a must for your collection."

link: bosstuneage.bigcartel.com

B O L T - '( 0 4 )' pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday October 25 2017 in Pre-orders

Narshardaa are taking pre-orders for B O L T's '( 0 4 )' CD and casette (the LP is coming via Dunk! Records). Says the label: "'( 0 4 )' is the first full-length by [ B O L T ] as a trio. In comparison to their earlier output the sound is more propulsive and structured. Emerging out of oppressive silence and ending up in ecstatic noise and drone, [ B O L T ] create waving sounds and crushing riffs. The trio presents a set in between the genres of drone, doom and metal."

link: narshardaa.bigcartel.com