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Knut - 'Leftovers' reissue

added by Alex Deller on Saturday November 7 2020 in Reissues

Hummus Records are reissuing the debut album from Swiss math-metallers Knut. 'Leftovers' was originally released by Snuff Records back in 1997 and reissued by Ronald Reagan Records in 2002, but this is the first time it appears on vinyl.

link: hummus-records.com

A Culture Of Killing - new LP

added by Alex Deller on Friday November 6 2020 in New Releases

Drunken Sailor Records have released the second album from Italian punx A Culture Of Killing on vinyl. It's titled 'The Feast Of Vultures, The Cry Of A Dove' and features nine songs of angry, urgent, hopeful peace punk FFO Crass, The Mob and The Cure.

link: drunkensailorrecords.co.uk

Gouka discography 2CD

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday November 4 2020 in New Releases

Break The Records are unleashing a huge 50-track, double CD discography from Japanese hardcore ragers Gouka. Entitled '業火 1993-2007 全音源集' the release runs the gamut from their 'Program' LP for Putrid Filth Conspiracy back to their 'Inhuman Violence...' cassette.

link: gouka.bandcamp.com/album/1993-2007

Morne live album

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday November 4 2020 in New Releases

Atmospheric crust/doom metal act Morne are releasing a live LP on November 27th, which was captured during their Roadburn 2019 set. The band have released music via Feral Ward and Alerta Antifascista, and this one comes courtesy of Dropdead's Armageddon Label and the band's own Morne Records.

link: armageddonlabel.bandcamp.com

Spite - 'Complete And Utter Spite'

added by Alex Deller on Monday November 2 2020 in Reissues

Boss Tuneage have another UKHC reissue on the way, this time from short-lived noiseniks Spite. Here's some info: "Although only in existence for a couple of years, the band did many gigs and left us two cracking 7" EPs and those have been put together with a raging live-via-the-desk set featuring additional tracks the band never got round to recording. Members had previously been in Ripcord and Chaos UK, and members would later go on to Violent Arrest, Persecution and Icons Of Filth amongst others. 19 brilliant hardcore belters, in one limited edition pressing, which also contains a CD of all tracks."

link: bosstuneage.bigcartel.com

Boy Sets Fire reissue

added by Alex Deller on Thursday October 29 2020 in Reissues

While there still seem to be copies of the Magic Bullet edition floating around, Brent Eyestone is nevertheless reissuing Boy Sets Fire's 'This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice Is Being Born' on his Dark Operative imprint to celebrate the release's 25th anniversary. The first pressing will be on black vinyl, expect a deluge of colour variations to follow thereafter.

link: darkoperative.myshopify.com