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Power - 'Electric Glitter Boogie' reissue

added by Alex Deller on Thursday February 16 2017 in Reissues

In The Red are reissuing 'Electric Glitter Boogie', the debut LP from Aussie nogoodniks Power. Originally released on Cool Death Records and reviewed (somewhat tardily) on this here site, you should dig 'em if you have a fondness for bands like Coloured Balls and the Stooges. It's out on 14 April.

link: intheredrecords.com

Ulises Lima UK Tour

added by Andy Malcolm on Wednesday February 15 2017 in Gigs

Ulises Lima from Madrid are trying to organise UK Shows between April 29th (Liverpool or Manchester) and May 4th. DIY conditions, just a place to sleep and no money guarantees, whatever they can make from the door after costs are covered.

contact the band via via facebook or paulpaul7171@gmail.com

link: uliseslima.bandcamp.com

Three new LVEUM releases

added by Alex Deller on Monday February 13 2017 in New Releases

La Vida Es Un Mus have three new 7"s out. First is the latest (and first newie in a while) from excellent Toronto punx S.H.I.T. Second is the vinyl debut for Exotica, who "manage to mix elements of early Brazilian punk, the aggression of the '82 post-Discharge explosion and mutant punk worldwide." The last is entitled 'Caged Like Rats' and comes from one-man-band Rat Cage, pegged as FFO Totalitär, Disarm and the Partisans.

link: lavidaesunmus.com

Cherubs European tour

added by Alex Deller on Monday February 13 2017 in Gigs

Cherubs are touring mainland Europe. Road trip, anyone? Here are the dates:

09/03 - Hafenklang, Hamburg

10/03 - King Georg Klubbar, Cologne

11/03 - dB's, Utrecht

15/03 - Magasin 4, Brussels

16/03 - Le Sonic, Lyon

17/03 - sPAZIO211, Turin

18/03 - Freakout Club, Bologna

link: brutalpandarecords.com

Zu on tour

added by Alex Deller on Sunday February 12 2017 in Gigs

Zu, who are great, are going on tour in support of their upcoming 'Jhator' LP (out on March 31 via House Of Mythology). Here's when they'll hit our little island:

13/06 - Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester

15/06 - The Exchange, Bristol

16/06 - London Fields Brewhouse, London

17/06 - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham

18/06 - Green Door, Brighton

link: houseofmythology.com

DS-13 - 'Last Mosh For Charlie: Live In Umea Hard Core' LP

added by Alex Deller on Sunday February 12 2017 in Pre-orders

Rotten To The Core are taking pre-orders for a DS-13 live LP, recorded in 2015. Apparently: "There has NEVER before been a record so intensely Umeå Hard Fucking Core, as these 22 minutes. From the 8 second soundcheck that opens the record, to the closing chaos of Dennis doing 'Stepping Stone' with us as André fucking smashes the drums to pieces. You can hear every person in the crowd breathing, boozin' and burpin' between the songs. Every out of tune note is here for the world to hear. Kids shouting stupid shit, us saying stupid shit, people just grabbing the mic and screaming "ARRRRRRGH!" for no apparent fucking reason. The singalongs, the stagedives, the lights in the ceiling crashing down - it's all here. A night of total love and total musical destruction with an intensity few people in their 40s can match. A memory to bring to the grave."

link: rtcrecords.com