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Seven Days Of Samsara 2xLP

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday February 28 2018 in New Releases

Seven Days Of Samsara were a neat, heavy, screamy-shouty hardcore band who were most active in the early 00s. They're releasing a 2xLP discography in April, which you can get from them direct in the States or from Moment Of Collapse in Europe.

link: sevendaysofsamsara.bandcamp.com

Duke Nukem - s/t LP

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday February 20 2018 in New Releases

The vinyl version of Duke Nukem's debut album is out now. Stateside it comes via SPHC, in Russia it's on Headnoise and in Europe Kämäset Levyt ‎and Argh.fuck.kill. are doing the honours. Since I heard the news via an SPHC newsletter, you get their version of events: "Duke Nukem play metalpunk: Motörhead provides the basic foundation, and that's built upon with a punk sense of velocity and attitude, and a metal sense of wild guitar solos and epic riffing. Inepsy is an obvious comparison point, but this is way more unrestrained and the riffs show a heavier NWOBHM influence. Poison Arts, but more brutal and less poppy. For my ears, this is one of the best releases of this style in the last few years. The songs have a badass swagger, the solos are wild, the riffs are epic, the vocals brutal but catchy. Can't ask for more, it's picture-perfect."

link: dukenukem.bandcamp.com

Beta Blockers - 'Stiff Prescription' 12"

added by Alex Deller on Friday February 16 2018 in New Releases

Static Shock have a new release out fro Beta Blockers, as well as represses from Uranium Club and TV Crime. Of the newie, the label says: "One of the new faces of Sheffield and Leeds punk (though members also keep busy in The Flex, No Form, Whipping Post and Community), Beta Blockers are here with their debut 12". What do they sound like? They sound like Die Kreuzen fucking about with the Screamers, or maybe Black Flag smashing gurners with Neubauten, or how about Stooges getting punished by the Gallagher brothers, maybe even all of those at the same time."

link: staticshockrecords.limitedrun.com

Carlton Melton tour dates

added by Alex Deller on Thursday February 15 2018 in Gigs

Sprawling psych noodlers Carlton Melton are on tour in support of their new album 'Mind Minerals', which is out now via Agitated Records. Here is the where and when:

20/02 - London, The Shacklewell Arms

21/02 - Todmorden, Golden Lyon

22/02 - Glasgow, Nice n Sleazy

23/02 - Manchester, Soup Kitchen

24/02 - Brighton, Hope & Ruin

25/02 - Salisbury, The Winchester Gate

26/02 - Northwich, The Salty Dog

27/02 - Leeds, Wharf Chambers

link: agitatedrecords.com

Sun Kil Moon - 'Ghosts Of The Great Highway' vinyl reissue

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday January 23 2018 in Reissues

Just in case you don't have an OG copy and didn't know already: Rough Trade are putting out a vinyl reissue of Sun Kil Moon's 'Ghosts Of The Great Highway' in February.

link: roughtrade.com

The Sea And Cake - 'Any Day' LP

added by Alex Deller on Thursday January 18 2018 in Pre-orders

The Sea And Cake have a new album on the way. Says Thrill Jockey: "On May 11, legendary Chicago band The Sea And Cake return with 'Any Day', a refreshingly intimate collection of singular pop songs, elegantly arranged. For over two decades and 11 albums, The Sea And Cake have honed a sound all their own, comprised of delicate, intertwining guitar patterns, syncopated rhythms, and airy melodies. 'Any Day' is testament to The Sea And Cake’s artistry, song craft, and utterly unique sound."

link: thrilljockey.com/products/any-day