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Annex - 'Melu' LP

added by Alex Deller on Thursday May 10 2018 in New Releases

Imminent Destruction have a new release out - the UK/Euro pressing of Annex's 'Melu' LP. Info is: "New LP from the Texas/Mexico border. While their last two records were catchy and melodic, this marks a step up with a sterling production, crystal-clear mastering and perfectly sculpted, ambitious tunes that display a massive improvement in depth and variation. The dark deathrock and post-punk influences familiar to fans of Belgrado or Arctic Flowers remain, but add infectious melodies, hypnotic guitars and a danceable backbeat, whilst Nikki's vocals once more deliver the punk brattishness of her roots whilst expanding into unique new territory. Lyrics in Spanish and English." North AMerican types can get it from Adelante Discos or Occult Whispers.

link: inflammablematerial.bandcamp.com/album/melu/

Cassus - 'Separation Anxiety' LP

added by Alex Deller on Monday April 30 2018 in New Releases

Cassus have an LP out via IFB Records, React With Protest and Dog Knights. It's called 'Separation Anxiety' and promises some "intense and powerful screamo."

link: cassus.bandcamp.com

Big Black - 'Headache' 12" reissue

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday April 24 2018 in Reissues

Just in case you can't get to a second-hand record shop to find a battered OG copy, Touch & Go have remastered and reissued Big Black's 'Headache' EP.

link: touchandgorecords.com

Southern Lord subscription series

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday April 17 2018 in Labels

To celebrate 20 years of existence Southern Lord are putting together a subscription series that takes in some of the label's past and present acts. Lined up are The Want, Toadliquor (woo-hoo!), Thorr's Hammer, Sunn O))), The Secret and Rein Sanction.

link: southernlord.com

Memory Drawings (members of Hood and Movietone) dates

added by Alex Deller on Monday April 9 2018 in Gigs

Memory Fingers, featuring ex members of seminal post-rock bands Hood and Movietone, are doing a few UK shows. Joining them on tour will be Manyfingers, the nom de plume of various Bristol bands including Third Eye Foundation and Movietone. They play the Islington in London on May 3rd, Cafe Kino in Bristol on May 4th, The Fox and Newt in Leeds on May 5th, and the Triangle in Shipley on May 6th. You can get tickets via their Facebook page on the link below.

link: www.facebook.com/MemoryDrawings/

CBoard Forum Is Back

added by Andy Malcolm on Tuesday March 27 2018 in Site Info

Just a quick note to let you know that a new forum of sorts has been setup. It's quite different to the old one but should work nicely given the relatively low level of activity. You can access it via the bar above or at the link below. You will need to sign up for a Discord account to use it. It's a fair bit more modern than the old forum and has lots of lovely features. Check it out!

link: www.collective-zine.co.uk/cboard