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Soul Structure - new album release!

added by Andy Malcolm on Friday February 24 2017 in Bands

Soul Structure - Sacred Commons : New album available to download and stream via Bandcamp is out today.

12 tracks of wonky spaced out hippycore from Nottingham, UK - featuring members of The Blue Period, Plaids, What Price Wonderland. Composed, produced, recorded, mixed, mastered by the band at First Love Studios, Nottingham. There is a short run of CDs and Cassettes will be available on the mainland EU tour. The band are still looking to fill a few dates so if you can with any of these:

10th - HELP NEEDED! Cologne/Düsseldorf/Bielefeld???
12th - HELP NEEDED! Munich/Freiburg???
14th - HELP NEEDED! Frankfurt/Marburg???"

Please send them an email at soulstructurehardcore@gmail.com

Additional tour info here https://www.facebook.com/events/700004050160686

link: soulstructure.bandcamp.com/album/sacred-commons

The Body / Uniform - European tour

added by Alex Deller on Thursday February 23 2017 in Gigs

The Body and Uniform – two wonderful, different, intense bands – are heading out on tour together this comingMay. The experience promises to be hateful and purifying in roughly equal measure. Here is when and where

02/05 - Durer Kert, Budapest

03/05 - Underdogs, Prague

04/05 - Chmury, Warsaw

05/05 - LAS, Poznan

06/05 - UT Connewitz, Leipzig

07/05 - Cassiopeia, Berlin

08/05 - Hafenklang, Hamburg

09/05 - Magasin 4, Brussels

10/05 - OCCII, Amsterdam

11/05 - Zoom, Frankfurt

13/05 - TBA, Moscow

14/05 - Doomstad @ EKKO, Utrecht

15/05 - Elektrowerkz, London

16/05 - Deaf Institute, Manchester

17/05 - The Exchange, Bristol

18/05 - De Centrale, Gent

Pretty Hurts - s/t LP

added by Alex Deller on Thursday February 16 2017 in New Releases

S'been available on their bandcamp site for what seems like yonks, but you can now order a physical copy of the self-titled LP from Berlin-based post-punx Pretty Hurts. You probably should, too, because it's pretty great.

link: prettyhurts.bandcamp.com

Power - 'Electric Glitter Boogie' reissue

added by Alex Deller on Thursday February 16 2017 in Reissues

In The Red are reissuing 'Electric Glitter Boogie', the debut LP from Aussie nogoodniks Power. Originally released on Cool Death Records and reviewed (somewhat tardily) on this here site, you should dig 'em if you have a fondness for bands like Coloured Balls and the Stooges. It's out on 14 April.

link: intheredrecords.com

Ulises Lima UK Tour

added by Andy Malcolm on Wednesday February 15 2017 in Gigs

Ulises Lima from Madrid are trying to organise UK Shows between April 29th (Liverpool or Manchester) and May 4th. DIY conditions, just a place to sleep and no money guarantees, whatever they can make from the door after costs are covered.

contact the band via via facebook or paulpaul7171@gmail.com

link: uliseslima.bandcamp.com

Three new LVEUM releases

added by Alex Deller on Monday February 13 2017 in New Releases

La Vida Es Un Mus have three new 7"s out. First is the latest (and first newie in a while) from excellent Toronto punx S.H.I.T. Second is the vinyl debut for Exotica, who "manage to mix elements of early Brazilian punk, the aggression of the '82 post-Discharge explosion and mutant punk worldwide." The last is entitled 'Caged Like Rats' and comes from one-man-band Rat Cage, pegged as FFO Totalitär, Disarm and the Partisans.

link: lavidaesunmus.com