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Wet The Rope - 'The Sum Of Our Scars' LP

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday February 7 2017 in Pre-orders

Wet The Rope, would you believe it, is a present-day band featuring members of Pitchfork, Amber Inn, Sinker and Exhale. Blimey. 'The Sum Of Our Scars' is their debut LP and sounds crunchy, dynamic and righteously pissed off. Pre-orders are available now via Adagio830.

link: bisaufsmesser.com

Advance Base - 'In Bloomington' cassette

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday February 7 2017 in New Releases

Tye Dye Tapes is releasing the 'In Bloomington' live album from Advance Base (aka Owen Ashworth of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone) on cassette. Check out a track below before it becomes available on February 9.

link: tyedietapes.bandcamp.com

Adult Magic - s/t 7"

added by Alex Deller on Monday February 6 2017 in Pre-orders

Pre-orders are up for the debut Adult Magic 7". Four songs of melodic punk from members of Iron Chic, Broadcaster, Crow Bait and Sister Kisser that's "FFO all those super hooky powerpop/new wave bands from the late seventies/early eighties if they smoked more weed."

link: drunkensailorrecords.co.uk

Idiota Civilizzato - 'La Vita Silenziosa' 7"

added by Alex Deller on Sunday February 5 2017 in New Releases

Static Shock have a new 7" out and it sounds pretty neat. Label says: "Debut 7" EP from this new hardcore band based in Berlin, but with members from Italy, Mallorca and Australia (including people from Diat and Orden Mundial). Idiota Civilizzato are here with the answer to the little-asked question "What would Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers be like if they grew up in the American midwest?" Hardcore punk being played because it's all that they know how to do and sounding like their lives depend on it."

link: staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/la-vita-silenziosa

Dakhma and Child Meadow LPs from IFB Records

added by Alex Deller on Thursday February 2 2017 in New Releases

IFB Records have two new LPs out: Dakhma's 'Suna Kulto' ("equal parts vile filth and hypnotic beauty") and Child Meadow's 'It Hurts' ("French emo done right"). Check 'em out via the Bandcamp link.

link: ifbrecords.bandcamp.com

Rata Negra - 'Oído Absoluto' LP

added by Alex Deller on Monday January 30 2017 in New Releases

La Vida Es Un Mus, in collaboration with Madrid's Beat Generation Records, have a new release out: the debut LP from Spanish punx Rata Negra. Here's some info about it: "Rata Negra deliver 12 songs of dark, crude and moody punk on their debut LP. Formed of members from Juanita Y Los Feos and La URSS, this power trio have distilled the negativity and uncertainly of the young Spanish generation and transformed it into perfectly crafted punk songs. Sharply turning snaps of daily life into melodic anthems for a doomed generation, musically Rata Negra fence between dark melodic OC punk a la Rikk Agnew's debut solo album and Spanish Punk '83 via KGB/ Vulpess. Imagine the non keyboard tracks of Yugoslavian Kaos, mixed with LA'S X melody, add to it a layer of distortion and a dose of vital desperation and you get close to Rata Negra's sound."

link: lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/o-do-absoluto-lp