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Kaleidoscope - 'Neurosonic Data Collection' cassette

added by Alex Deller on Thursday April 20 2017 in New Releases

Kaleidoscope are a really, really interesting band and Outsider Tapes have released a comp cassette which brings together a bunch of their miscellany. The label says: "This band is definitely the most interesting and fascinating outfit from NYC's creative punk scene in the last few years. Kaleidoscope's approach to making music has a big appetite for experimentation and merging a wide range of different genres which are rarely represented in punk. Armed with outer space and esoteric sounds, psychedelia, jazzy parts, fat beats and noise, the band is apsolutely breaking the norms and making unique music that actually sounds like a logical continuitation of their previous bands, Deformity, Ivy and JJ Doll. This is future punk!"

link: livinginadoomtown.bigcartel.com

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