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Negativ - 'Automatic Thoughts' 7"

added by Alex Deller on Saturday July 1 2017 in Reissues

Doomtown have kindly reissued the 'Automatic Thoughts 7" from Negativ. Label says: "Negativ are from Oslo, Norway and this is their violent, cold response to the new wave of Scandinavian hardcore.

"This piece of vinyl contains five negative hits full of punishing, bitter and thrash-infused takes on 80s hardcore, combining everything that was great about early Italian, American and Japanese hardcore. Plus, add some Norwegian guitar work weirdness, polka stomping beats and bestial vocals on top of that and you get the totally unique, yet brutal Negativ; just like a shiv stuck in your neck, shitting razors or ten blocks of cement poured down your throat!

"The first press of this amazing 7" sold out instantly so now it's been repressed on blue vinyl with slightly different artwork. Limited to 500 copies!"

link: doomtownrecords.bandcamp.com/album/automatic-thoughts-7

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