A horrible hack

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Old Gray - An Autobiography
Old Gray
An Autobiography
Broken World Media - Dog Knights, 2013

Reviewed on Jul 10, 2013

a joy to listen to

Rough Hands - s/t
Rough Hands
Day By Day - Holy Roar - Illegal Activity, 2013

Reviewed on Jul 2, 2013

gets to the point quickly

Last Witness - Saccharine
Last Witness
Holy Roar, 2012

Reviewed on Jun 15, 2013

something to rage to

Various - Small Plastic Songs
Small Plastic Songs
Record Collective Limited, 2013

Reviewed on May 21, 2013

not convinced

Barren Womb - Remote - split
Barren Womb - Remote
the Perfect Hoax, 2013

Reviewed on May 20, 2013

short but showcases both bands well

Lake Michigan - s/t
Lake Michigan
Wolf Town DIY, 2013

Reviewed on May 1, 2013


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