A horrible hack

Great Apes

Playland at the Beach

Year Released: 2014
Format: 12" EP
Label: Asian Man Records
Reviewed by MH on May 7, 2015
Another one that has sat in the digital pile for a while - since October, in fact. Great Apes is a punk rock band from San Francisco and what grabs me about them in a world where I listen less and less to this kind of music is their emphatic delivery across each of these five tracks. The riffs hit a little harder than normal and the vocals are strained and driven. You can tell they like Jawbreaker too and there's times I'm reminded of that Hooper record from last year - that's another plus. Interesting, nostalgic lyrics too, detailing as they do, San Francisco's history and buildings - see final track "Whitney's Playland At The Beach" ("I was 19 when the Dipper was built/And 52 when they ripped it down to stilts"). Consistent band - I reviewed them a couple of times a few years ago and I think much of what I said previously can apply again here.

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