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Duct Hearts

If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed?

Year Released: 2015
Format: 7"
Label: time as a color - Dingleberry - Stereo Dasein - driftwood - ruined smile - Synalgie Records - Zegema Beach
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jul 7, 2015
Ah this reviewing game, I've been at it a bit. Over the years I've probably reviewed a fair old whack of stuff where I personally knew the band involved, that comes of the DIY scene being rather tiny. So, here's another one of those. I know a lot of people involved in making / releasing this record.

This is a very long song. It spreads over two sides of vinyl, or one long listen on Bandcamp. It does split in the middle on Bandcamp by the way. The song initialises as a very beard stroking post rock number, and has a few moments of more intensity until it really hits its stride when the vocals come in. I guess at that point it really starts sounding like Elliot, I love the vocals - dead airy and complementing some twinkly guitar work to great measure. They have those chunky post-hardcore guitars thrown in to give the song a bit of heft, you know the ones. The ones that the Foo Fighters nicked and turned into a very well paid career. Just after the song fades out and comes back it then changes direction quite suddenly, the vocals a lot less gentle and impactful, with guitars being thrashed with plenty of aplomb. I think things get a touch messy around here and I sort of lose track a bit, the structure is less easy to follow but things are plenty bombastic and exciting.

This is worth digging into and slides through more than a couple of different moods for its duration. It doesn't work the whole way through for me but overall this is worth your time if you like the post rock and atmospheric side of emo.

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