A horrible hack


Fuck The Future

Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: Bones Brigade - WOOAAARGH - Rad Nauseam - Vetala Productions
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jul 16, 2015
In case the first four letters of their name didn't make it obvious enough, Dysteria seem to like Dystopia quite a bit. Quite a bit indeed. This could have put them in a bit of a pickle as far as I'm concerned, since said band are one of my (many) all-time favourites and I'd opine that few acts come anywhere near close to plumbing the same kind of sickeningly miserable lows or conjure the same sense of hideous self-loathing. Dysteria, it has to be said, dont either. Nonetheless, their record is still rather a humdinger: a caustic, muck-dripping slab of heavy, hate-filled stuff that's not specifically metal, crust, sludge or hardcore but owes a debt to each. The riffs ache and have that 'boxy' sound to them; the samples wreak woe and the snarling vocals suggest an overall hatred for the species. Overall: it mightn't be Dystopia, but it's still pretty bloody good.

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