A horrible hack



Year Released: 2015
Format: Tape
Label: Medusa Crush
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Aug 9, 2015
This is pretty swell, so long as you like the idea of classic rock recorded like it was garage rock. Happens to be the case that I do, so Lightsabres are alright by me: a bumbling, lo-fi take on the riffy, freewheelin' sounds of yesteryear that's not addled to the point of oblivion like, say, Birds Of Maya or White Manna, but keeps its act together in a manner that's catchy and succinct. The first couple of tracks offer some genuine phwoar moments with some neatly-conceived melodies reminiscent of a boombox QOTSA, while closing with a Hendrix number leaves you under no illusion as to which decade multi-instrumentalist John Strömshed wishes he were living in. It's good stuff all-round, and a welcome reissue from Medusa Crush since the OG vinyl release from 2013 now looks to be rarer than dodo doings.

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