A horrible hack


Gato Negro

Year Released: 2014
Format: 7"
Label: Fucking Kill - Cro-Magnon Distro - Inverted Inhumation - Anarchotic - Noisemongers - Get Pissed Stay Pissed - Denti Podi - Crit De Fastic - Gozer - PoGohai - Subzine
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Aug 31, 2015
Had quite high hopes for these Chilean blasters, but rather than anything revelatory Devästar just play garden variety fast hardcore that fits into the same overcrowded bullpen as all the other bands who've taken their cues from Spazz, Capitalist Casualties and Lack Of Interest over the years. This means that much of it is an insane and borderline meaningless blur, occasionally punctuated by familiar Crossed Out moments of waltzy slow motion. The band get definite plus points for the genuine rabidity of their higher-pitched vocals, but beyond that it's all standard fare and nothing to get too het up over. Bit of a shame, really.

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