A horrible hack


Destination Qualité

Year Released: 2015
Format: 10"
Label: Head Records
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Sep 7, 2015
It's widdly as fuck, riffs all over the shop, it could be Hella or the Advantage (minus the Nintendo songs), or a tuneful Lightning Bolt. You know what you are getting with this. You have heard this sort of band before - nothing to discredit it, this is sickeningly well played and a total fucking racket in a good way. When I was in a boring post rock band, I wanted us to play this sort of thing, but we were too shit. Instead of playing mental sounding 2 minute songs we had to play a billion minute long songs with a tiny bit of intensity. Stupid lack of talent.

Anyway I digress. If you like nuts, tiring, jazzy, freak out, twiddly diddly instrumental rock, then bingo, this is for you.

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