A horrible hack


A Gaze Into The Abyss

Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: Vendetta
Reviewed by Nerida on Sep 9, 2015
It helps that it's raining when I put on this record, this is an album for dark miserable rainy days.

A lot of people have recommended me this band and I was keen to hear what they had to offer. Straight off I heard elements that reminded me of Sangre De Muerdago, the atmospheric folk band formed with ex members of the excellent neo-crust band Ekkaia, and so it turns out (after a brief bit of research) that it's at least one of the same members in all three, and that epic feeling of those bands has been carried over to the Antlers material, and I'm not going to complain about that, as I'm a big fan of those bands.

This has everything you'd expect from an atmospheric black metal record, and thankfully not a hint of NSBM (no background check needed on this one). The songs are long (6 songs in just under 40 mins), it's heavy, and it's dark, with a few splashes of arrangements you wouldn't usually expect on a BM record, but obviously influenced by the musicians punk roots. It's heart thumping stuff, that I could only imagine what kind of trance it would put me in watching live.

If you felt let down by recent Wolves in the Throne Room releases, and you really enjoy bands along the lines of Downfall of Gaia and Agrimonia you'll probably enjoy this, and then also tell all your mates about it.

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