A horrible hack

Destruction Unit

Negative Feedback Resistor

Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: Sacred Bones
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Sep 23, 2015
I have heard lots of good things about this prolific, hard touring outfit. My high expectations are met with a cacophonous racket that straddles the middle ground between searing, deranged punk and tie-dyed psychedelia, both styles that seem to be very du jour at the moment. However, the riffs are far from weak, and in fact wreak nasty havoc. Instead of detracting and distracting, the swirls of noise and echoing vocals slathered on top actually augment the generally chaotic atmosphere. Think The Stooges and Comets On Fire, only veering towards the faster, frenzied, high energy punk end of the spectrum. A rocking good time.

Destruction Unit
Sacred Bones

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