A horrible hack

Fight Amp

Constantly Off

Year Released: 2015
Format: Download
Label: Brutal Panda
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Sep 28, 2015
Fight Amp have been playing this rugged, ragged, hoary, hairy stuff for I don't know how many years now. At one time I interviewed them and their drummer talked about being maced at a gig they played, and that kinda sums things up since a burning, eye-watering pain lumbers amid the senseless sweat and toil of it all. There's a Melvins vibe, a Karp-y vibe and some battered melodies that make me think of those tour EPs that Big Business used to put out. I wouldn't say 'Constantly Off' necessarily matches any of those things, but in all fairness it's pretty hard for anyone to reach such levels of greatness. Still, it's solid enough, and at least marginally more agreeable than being maced.

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