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Galvanic Elephants


Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: Music Kickup Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Oct 14, 2015
Well now, another of those reviews where I apologise to the band for suffering from writer's block for most of the past year. Galvanic Elephants (of course the Galvanic Elephants) were kind enough to send not one, but two copies of their album in for review OVER A YEAR ago. Face palm. Then again, Iíve had a google and I canít find any other reviews in English (the band were from Estonia).

This album came to be in my hands as a chap on this record also played in Audio Armada, who I wrote a rather gushing review of 15 odd years ago. A couple of us on the forums were obsessed with that song and eventually we stumbled over a bunch of other recordings that are well worth you making the effort to type ďAudio ArmadaĒ into Spotify for. Anyway, the Elephants are a going concern and despite my inability to write a review for over 12 months, Iím finally spilling some words.

Mosaic rather reminds me of that excellent Antarctica LP. The music is icy and melodic, leaning heavily on the stark electronics. Itís the kind of thing that could have been on Captured Tracks a couple of years back. Whatís that label up to these days? Iíve lost touch. Back to this album, Iím not 100% on the vocals, mostly falsetto, and on one song they sound a bit like Adam Buxton doing his David Bowie impression (Cobbler Bob!) but I definitely am fully behind the glistening music, the soundtrack to a long train ride through the snow. The record moves at a slow pace for the most part, Iíd be hard pushed to pick out a particular song as standing out as everything fits neatly together. None of the songs are obvious ďbangersĒ (as I believe is the parlance of the youngsters these days), but there is plenty of good music on here and it ought to appeal to a lot more people than probably have so far heard it.

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