A horrible hack

Mineral Girls

Cozy Body

Year Released: 2015
Format: Tape
Label: Self Aware
Reviewed by MH on Oct 18, 2015
I was keen to hear this one as this one one was sent in by Self Aware who have released some fine indie rock in the past. Mineral Girls come from Charlotte and, coincidentally, play a rather fine form of indie rock. This rides in with the lovely guitar sound of "Sunshine Biscuit Club.". It's nicely melodic with harmonies in the vocals and plenty of energy in its yells of "I could love anybody". There is something about this band that reminds me of Annabel but it's mixed in with something else - at times the guitar sound reminds me of Real Estate - kind of light and melodic riffs like on that opening track. There are also a couple of oddball indie songs that remind me of the quirkier side of Sebadoh. What else is worth mentioning? Oh yeah, all their song titles have full stops. This is a really solid album - probably a bit of an unfashionable sound but the kind of thing I have plenty of time for. Definitely a grower too.

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