A horrible hack

Extreme Noise Terror


Year Released: 2015
Format: Download
Label: Willowtip - Agipunk - GraveWax
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Nov 24, 2015
Say to me "Willowtip" in a word association game and I would not necessarily think to respond with "ornery old punx playing songs called 'Sheep In Wolf's Clothing' and 'Only In It For The Music'." Funny, though, because that's what the normally tech-centric label has turned up: a jaw-booting blast of no-frills grindcore from some blighters who helped bloody well invent it. As you'd expect there's little to no mucking about, each song a full-throttle, throat-mangled detonation that serves as a reminder of the genre's punk rock roots and its ability to brutalise without resorting to technical wizardry or gore-soaked gurglings.

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