A horrible hack


Dead September

Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: Rural Isolation Project
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Dec 21, 2015
Hahaha. Quttinirpaaq are back. Hahaha. I feel like I am somewhere dark and over warm with Gibby Haynes and Helios Creed and I just want to sleep but they are relentlessly hammering a piece of corrugated iron with stainless steel wrenches. I haven't slept for so long, and the more I snivel and beg the more they laugh and the louder they hammer with those wrenches. Voices are smeared like animal guts across asphalt and they make me sad. Big Black's Roland murmurs in a corner and weeps gentle tears that stink of burning plastic. Other things scrape, whirr and whine. Continuously. Nothing ever seems to stops. It only changes form subtly, as though you’re staring at life through a fucked kaleidoscope and you can never - not even once - blink. Hahaha. Quttinirpaaq are back. Hahahaahahaharghhhhhhh.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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