A horrible hack



Year Released: 2015
Format: 10"
Label: Waterslide - 86'd - crapoulet
Reviewed by Ferg on Jan 6, 2016
There's quite a peculiar sound to Boilerman’s approach to the pop punk genre. An overly saturated Chinese Telephones meets Econochrist comes to mind, especially on the opening track, aptly named “|". Their style of melodic rough punk is firmly rooted in the members' hardcore pasts and it's pretty evident through their music. There’s just more broodiness to the sound which, for me at least, is a welcome change to the majority of bands attempting this. The playing is emotive and pretty frantic, some nice discordant parts thrown in and a surprising alkaline trio cover on the 3rd track for good measure. The drumming on this is great, really drives the band with a brute force and a nice mix up of vocal duty from all the band members. Limited to 500 copies on clear 10” wax. Overall, pretty impressive!

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