A horrible hack

Crumbling Ghost

Five Songs

Year Released: 2016
Format: CD
Label: Withered Hand
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Jan 24, 2016
I was already interested when I saw the band name and when The Wicker Man was referenced in the press notes, my curiosity was furthered still.

Modern interpretations of traditional English folk songs, alongside original compositions exploring the darker recesses of our nationís mystic heritage. To say I was intrigued, is to underplay how keen I was to get this downloaded and to revel in the swirling mystery of two-thousand year old tales of malevolent spirits and dark, unsettling forests.

However, there must have been some sort of malfunction in the downloading process, because what I ended up listening to was a sort of Lesbian Bed Death for Chaucer obsessives. Make of that (and this) what you will gentle reader.

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