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In the Depths of Time, In an Ocean Made of Stars

Year Released: 2016
Format: CD
Label: Fluttery Records
Reviewed by MH on Jan 27, 2016
Post rock from Italy from a band I wrote about when they sent in their "Soundtrack For A Quiet Place" release a couple of years back. This time we have three new tracks - the first of which is almost 20 minutes long so you probably want to be sitting comfortably. The opening is pretty ambient before it builds slowly into more of a soaring track. The other two tracks are way shorter. Elara have a clean-ish sound and synth is at the forefront of big parts of these tracks particularly on track two. Explosions In The Sky might be the nearest reference point I have for them. I might like this more if it was a little rougher around the edges but it's a pleasant listen.

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