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One Scythe Fits All OST

Year Released: 2015
Format: 7"
Label: Iron Lung
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Mar 8, 2016
Greg Wilkinson and Jon Kortland are collaborators in the latterís Pig Heart Transplant project / collective as well as musicians in their own right as members of Brainoil, Lana Dagales, Iron Lung, Dead Language and more. The Wilkinson-Kortland axis of power seems more on a John Carpenter meets Goblin-inspired 70ís horror soundtrack bent with a bit of Vangelis chucked in the mix, but that might be because the film to which this is the soundtrack (a trailer for which is included with the download) seems to be very much in debt to slasher films of yore. I find this EP to be a cute little rebuttal to those reissue labels charging through the nose for soundtracks of duff movies Iíve ever even heard of, with a deftness and sense of humour that at worst is pastiche but itís all good fun. Once again Iron Lung proves itís the best label around.

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