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To The Point - Fuck You Pay Me


Year Released: 2016
Format: 7"
Label: Six Weeks
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Mar 8, 2016
Yeah, it’s To The Point review time again and once again I have to find some new things to say about powerviolence. As ever, it’s good. I wouldn’t say this is the band’s mightiest material, but it still scratches the right kind of itch. This time around (particularly on opening track ‘My Genocide Is Justified’) the guitar sound is pianowire thin which is a bit jarring on first spin, but this is offset by the hulking bass manoeuvres and, of course the THOG THOG THOG vocals. If you like Capitalist Casualties and Lack Of Interest then… you bought this already, correct? FYPM provide two tracks of sarky, snarky, cynical hardcore that’s capable of tearing your head off musically and demoralising you while you read the lyric sheet. Both songs deal with the generally disastrous state of things in America, and while a big old expanse of water separates our two countries the whole plight-of-the-working-poor moral of ‘Imbalancing Act’ is nevertheless pretty pertinent given the current state of things over here in the UK.

Beyond the music it all comes wrapped in Short, Fast & Loud issue 29, which features interviews with UK stalwarts Active Minds and Canuck grinders Six Brew Bantha as well as approximately two billion record reviews, most of which tend to be unerringly positive but are written with love, enthusiasm and knowledge. Perfect for making a game of it and seeing how many times you have to flip the record over before you’ve read the thing from cover to cover – see if you can beat my score of 198.

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