A horrible hack

Wolf Girl

We Tried

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Odd Box
Reviewed by MH on Mar 16, 2016
More indie pop goodness here from Odd Box Records. Wolf Girl are from somewhere in South London and have a kind of energetic garage slant to their sound. The first song is quality - it rides a cracking riff has a great bit in the middle where it's pretty much just drums and vocals - kind of talking and singing and then building harmonies before its explosive burst of energy as the song kicks back in - it's probably pretty rowdy live. They have a bit of a C86 sound to them and the jangly opening of "Are You Reading A Dirty Book?" reminds me of bands on Creation Records in the early, early, early days. It has this repetitive, nonchalant feel and is a great song. The lyrics on this one and throughout the record are pretty interesting too, and on "Middlesexy" they reference Jeffrey Eugenides' book. Becky takes the lead vocals on most of the songs but guitarist Chris steps in on a few tracks - his vocals are kind of just beyond spoken and not quite sung while Becky's are more melodic - it's a lovely contrast. The whole thing has been an instant hit with me and is full of great songs - it's been on regular rotation here since it was sent in last week.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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