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Animal Daydream


Year Released: 2016
Format: 7"
Label: Jigsaw Records
Reviewed by MH on Mar 19, 2016
The last time I wrote about Animal Daydream was when their "Easy Pleasures" EP was sent in and it was obvious they had a bit of a thing for Teenage Fanclub. That could be said again here about this latest 7inch although there is more of a folky Fleet Foxes and 70s rock influence going on this time around particularly on opener, "Citrus". It's a little too high on the classic rock scale for me on the whole and I favour a Teenage Fanclub influence over a Fleet Foxes one but this is pretty nice stuff. There's a nice jangle to the guitar sound and it's full of pleasant harmonies - the lovely, simple pop of "Sun (Turn Around)" is the standout for me.

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