A horrible hack

Jake Bellissimo

Piece Of Ivy

Year Released: 2016
Format: 7"
Label: Drunk With Love
Reviewed by MH on Mar 21, 2016
Jake Bellissimo has previously put music out under the Gay Angel moniker but this time around he's going by Jake Bellissimo. The music is still of a similar style - kind of lofi and predominantly acoustic but still with a fair amount going on in the songs and the classical and musical theatre influence is still there. I can hear drums, an accordion, backing vocals, whistling, violin, some kind of brass instrument and even whistling at different points across these six tracks. The lyrics are interesting too with a similar storytelling style to Gay Angel - "(A Considerable Amount Of) "Ow"" talks about being cut up by the mafia and "Swan Song" is detailed enough to tell you what kind of bread is in the sandwich he is eating. The simple melancholy of the opening title track is the standout for me but this is an interesting and unusual set of songs.

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