A horrible hack

Like Rats


Year Released: 2016
Format: Download
Label: Southern Lord
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Mar 27, 2016
Got to admit, I've never been a Weekend Nachos fan. They're one of those bands who are pitch-perfect at what they do, but are somehow all the more unconvincing for it. Like Rats are affiliated, and even if I didn't know this going in I reckon I'd still level the same sort of criticism: it's well done, nicely put together and full of clout, but somehow it just puts my back up. Anyway, what does it sound like? It sounds like some guys mixing early 90s Floridian death metal with the occasional bout of Cro-Mags/Subzero thuggery. To be honest, even if I was able to check my prejudices at the door these are two worlds I wouldn't be particularly keen on seeing collide in the first place, and the results neither thrill me nor make me feel like a jerk for coming to the record with negative assumptions in hand. Next, please.

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