A horrible hack



Year Released: 2016
Format: Download
Label: Selfmadegod
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Apr 3, 2016
Brazilian grinders Rot have been knocking around for ages now, releasing records on labels like Ax/ction, RSR and Ecocentric as well as producing an inevitable split with Agathocles. Despite 25+ years of action they're still resolutely old-school, their vomit-and-dropped-biscuit-tins grind still as primal an experience as ever. Each of this EP's brief outbursts clatters, lumbers and thumps its way angrily toward oblivion in fine enough ENT / Unholy Grave style, and, what's more, tracks like 'Fading Away The Myth' even chuck in moments memorable enough to raise 'Nowhere' above similar releases that rely on white-hot rage alone.

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