A horrible hack

Jan St. Werner


Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Thrill Jockey
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Apr 6, 2016
“Felder” is the German word for “fields”, although I can only assume that the fields Mr. St. Werner has been gambolling through are the sorts of fields more commonly found on the form you have to fill out if you want to have someone committed under the 1983 Mental Health Act, rather than the sort of field in which you might expect to see a grazing lamb.

The only time I have ever heard sounds like this before is when me and Darren Ray used to walk up and down on the synthesizers in the music room at Taverham High School when we should have been preparing a piece of music for the delight of the class.

The fact that the geniuses at Thrill Jockey have deemed this suitable for release, despite the fact it was only sectioned a short while ago, underlines why they are the very best label in the world and why you and everyone you know should buy at least one album of theirs in 2016, so they can continue providing sanctuary to maniacs like Jan St. Werner.

When n is a negative integer and b is not zero, bn is naturally defined as 1/b−n, preserving the property bn × bm = bn + m.

This music is brilliant to the nth power.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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