A horrible hack

Graham Repulski

High On Mt. Misery

Year Released: 2016
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Apr 6, 2016
Graham is the master of making interesting music, oscillating between baffling his listeners and then a few minutes later making us think 'fuck yes this is good'. Amirite? The first half a minute of 'White Leper' is pretty ordinary but pleasant enough, but then there is the most amazing explosion and mess that is utterly perfect. The vocals, oh the vocals. It repeats the above and then goes into discordant noise before Graham decides to put a piano outro in there. Yes why not. I'm left thinking 'what did I just listen to?'. And then I play it several more times. This kind of sums up my now five year relationship with this band.

'Shitsoaked Nights' plays a nice riff for thirty seconds which looks like it's going somewhere but then this just stops and Graham does a different build up. Then he gets bored of that and murmurs over the top of some nice ambience. It's what we've come to expect but on a four track EP I could have done without it to be honest. And the 16 second track three too; both feel like interlude songs. That leaves 'Young' to kind of save the EP. It's alright. Overall, I'm glad this found it's way into my life because of the first track, but he's had better releases.

6th April 2016

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