A horrible hack

Peace Be Still

Dumb Dads

Year Released: 2016
Format: Tape
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Apr 22, 2016
This one is working for me, it’s pretty simple, a bit messy, but doing the right thing. Swirly, fuzzy guitars, nice melodies, airy vocals, lo-fidelity - like a poppier Places We Slept at times perhaps. Definitely it’s vibing off the late 2000s twiddlemo but it’s a rather less focused and certainly more interesting to me. “Brat” is a way better tweak of Cap’n Jazz than pretty much any of those band's managed. This album (?) totally feels like they are jamming it and stringing together some pleasing riffs to form little two minute vignettes rather than something super serious and overdone. As a cohesive whole it doesn’t really come together but who cares, I can really get with this, it suits my short attention span. This seems like a band having a bit of carefree fun with the style, rather than overthinking it. I could be wrong but that’s nothing new. The lyrics are dead emo like how they are supposed to be instead of sarcastic and ironic too, I am glad I checked as I sort of was worried that wouldn’t be the case. Instead, that just justifies my good feelings about this. Check it out.

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