A horrible hack

Dylan Mondegreen

Every Little Step

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Shelflife
Reviewed by MH on May 11, 2016
This is quite nice if you're after some laidback and gentle indie pop in the vein of mid-period Belle & Sebastian. The vocals are light and airy and some kind of keys-instrument and harmonica feature heavily throughout. Lyrically things are kind of personal (lots of family-related lyrics) and the overriding feel is melancholy. There are a couple of tracks on here in Norwegian where Dylan is from so I'm not sure what those ones are about but you might speak fluent Norwegian and know better. You can tell from the lyrics to both "For The Innocent And Young" and "Lost In A Song" how much making this music means to him. I'd pick out "Every Little Step" as the standout - it's a personal song about the sadness of your parents (in this case, his mother) not being able to watch your child growing up.

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