A horrible hack

Wooden Waves

Wilder Dreams

Year Released: 2014
Format: LP
Label: One Percent Press
Reviewed by MH on Jun 6, 2016
Apparently this one's been around since 2014 but the vinyl has found its way here in early 2016...and finally been reviewed by me in June. Thanks to the band and label for sending it in as it's always nice to get an LP in the review pile. Wooden Waves come from Buffalo and deliver 10 poppy and playful indie rock songs here replete with lots of harmonies between the two main sets of male and female vocals. It's all very 90s-sounding and while I wouldn't call it the best album ever it's a decent, fun record and if I saw this band live I'd be having a good time. The songs I'd pick out would be the hooky opener and "Blue Gene's Wilder Dreams".

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