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The Popguns

Red, White and Blue

Year Released: 2016
Format: Download
Label: Matinee Recordings
Reviewed by MH on Jun 9, 2016
We have here a new Popguns song. It's also a football song which is ready just in time for Friday's Euro 2016 to start. Obviously football songs are a bit of a quirky theme and most people know already if they want to listen to a football-themed song before they've heard it. I watched that Euro 96 documentary the other day on the iplayer that Alan Shearer did and it evoked a few emotions about watching England's nearly men not quite make it at Wembley against Germany, Stuart Pearce's penalty against Spain, the dentist's chair and Uri Geller's ludicrous proclamation about Gary McAllister's missed penalty against England. It also had plenty of Baddiel and Skinner, some re-runs of their "Phoenix From The Flames" goal re-creations and a lot of "Football's Coming Home" chanting from the stands as well as Steve Stone's cameo in the video. Apparently, Shearer asked if he could just sign some footballs in the video instead. Anyway, this Popguns song is actually pretty typical of their sound in that it's a catchy and hopeful indie pop tune. Lyrically, it's all football - talk of the kit colour, two lines of four, fretting over whether or not we will win and even the dread of a penalty shoot-out. There's some added football crowd soundbites and handclaps along the way to remind you we're talking football here. I like The Popguns and I also like football so it's definitely a winner of sorts. There's no John Barnes rap cameo though - more's the pity.

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