A horrible hack

Little Lovers

Golden Decade

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Mere Noise Records
Reviewed by MH on Jun 20, 2016
I picked this Sydney band's latest release out of the digital review list as it referenced a bunch of Aussie bands who I'm vaguely familiar with. The first one is Custard who were one of my wife's favourite Aussie bands growing up as a teenager in Brisbane and still get regular airtime in our house. At last count I had heard the song "Apartment" about 856,414 times. There is also talk of The Go Betweens and Smudge. We're going to see Custard at the weekend and the band playing before them, The Goon Sax, features one of the offspring of Robert Forster of The Go Betweens. Good timing for this to be sent our way then.

I can hear plenty of Custard on this record as many of the guitar lines and offbeat, quirky nature of the lyrics fit in well with them and their brand of playful indie. It's also light and melodic and the more melancholy, melodic tracks on here like "Fingers & Toes" and "Come On June" definitely have a Smudge/Lemonheads flavour to them. Worth a go if any of those bands and the likes of Dollar Bar are your thing.

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