A horrible hack


Paranormal Romance

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Audacious Art Experiment - Hot Salvation - HHBTM Records
Reviewed by MH on Aug 31, 2016
I should probably have heard this Leeds band previously, what with them having been around for a good twelve years now, but they're new to me with this their 4th album. It's a tough one to describe too - kind of energetic and garagey punk and teeming with frenetic rock n roll energy. It actually hurtles by too - 12 songs in about 24 minutes with not a moment wasted. This is a record I've played from start to finish regularly lately - with how tight it is and lots of short songs hurtling by it makes perfect sense that way. It really works as a whole but standouts for me are "Tweak" which features Bangles-esque oh whey oh-ing a la "Walk Like An Egyptian" and the closer "Emojicore" which is led by a synth and some huge riffing. A note on the production too as it sounds ideal for this and retains the energy that I'm sure their live shows are all about. This is a quality listen. Excuse me while I go and check out the rest of their back catalogue.

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