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Dead Sick of Trying

Year Released: 2016
Format: Tape
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Sep 6, 2016
Dym appears to be a new band from London and this here 4 song tape (or download, they give no indication as to where you can acquire it - emo a.f.) is going to do the job for the few stragglers out there that still enjoy the ways of Slintmo. That is, Slint AND emo. My goodness! Though obvs Spiderland was an emo record anyway, right?

Once you’ve gotten past the decent (but otherwise not specifically something you’ll listen to again unless you have the tape) two minute intro, you get into the midst of what is going on here. “Amour-Propre” (translation: Correct Armour), breaks in doing downbeat guitars and an earnest Londoner talking. Just as you think you’ve got the feel for this it explodes into a huge groove and gets right good. The vocals remain spoken, though taken up a notch. It’s very Slint, you may struggle to get past that, but appreciators of emo will enjoy that it also from time to time has that level of urgency that you enjoyed about bands such as Don Martin 3 and Bob Tilton. These elements are maintained across the other two tracks, leaving you with a really solid introduction to the band.

I like when UK emo bands come out of of nowhere, no-one in this band posted on Collective Zine in 2006 (probably). None of them were in What Price, Wonderland? Just three guys who sound like they enjoy the 90s, and being serious about emo. Two things I can certainly appreciate. This is not quite fully formed but there is something here for sure.

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