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Thalia Zedek


Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Thrill Jockey
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Sep 16, 2016
Eve just happens to be the title of the very first, and to date last, album by The Alan Parsons Project that I’ve ever heard. Someone I was living with in 2005 found a copy of it lying on the floor outside a house on Mill Hill Road in Norwich and did what any upstanding citizen would do and brought it home for safe keeping.

I’m sure that AM will at this point, furnish us with a link to an image of the fantastic gatefold sleeve, which featured as its chief image, a photograph of two attractive young ladies with horrendous facial scarring visible through a strange piece of netting attached to their fancy hats.

After we had listened to the album through, it was taken and stood up in the road outside, whilst we waited for it to be driven into at high speed by a passing motorist. Sadly, the much hoped for dramatic coming together of vinyl and bumper did not transpire and we passed an extremely frustrating thirty minutes watching a succession of careful and considerate motorists do their best to avoid the sacrificial gatefold sleeve, which finally succumbed to a passing breeze.

This album by The Thalia Zedek Band is quite a strange one. Not strange musically, but strange in that it brought to mind the early albums of Patti Smith, which right up to the point of seeing her live a few years ago, I’d always really liked. Sadly, the experience of seeing her on stage and hearing her say things like, “you have really ugly buildings in this city, you should tear them all down and start again” and waffle on endlessly about her “husband Fred Sonic Smith,” put me off somewhat.

In conclusion, this is a brilliant record, and you don’t have to hate Patti Smith to enjoy it.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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