A horrible hack


Seven Fleas

Year Released: 2016
Format: Tape
Label: Phantom
Reviewed by MH on Oct 10, 2016
Apart from the bonus acoustic tracks at the end here, this is seven songs of driven punk rock from Dresden. It's kept me company on a few runs this week and is on the melodic, urgent and energetic side of things with a healthy dose of emo thrown in for good measure - the odd bit of plaintive guitar and talky vocals appears here and there and even the bit where they all sing on the intro to "Dompteur" is more like that bit in "Submerge" by Life At These Speeds than your standard punk rock gang vocal. It's kind of hard to pigeonhole and delves into post hardcore at times but here and there I also hear bits of The Nation Blue and even that Ship Thieves record from earlier this year (pick slides anyone?). Apparently this was actually their first release back in 2012 and is getting the cassette treatment now. I don't hear enough of this kind of thing these days so I'm glad this was dug up by the label and that bands like this still find their way to this website.

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