A horrible hack
When a paper is published on particle physics it tends to have loads of authors as they all work on one or two big projects at a time in the same place. We've got the equivalent here with releasing this record as SEVENTEEN labels got together to put this out on vinyl, with another three putting out a tape. It's going to take longer to input all the labels into the review than it is to write it. The name Drei Affen sounds like the band will be from Germany but in fact they are Spanish. They play fast-paced aggressive screamo; it feels like they've been influenced by Amygdala as that's the first comparison that jumps to mind. But they like throwing around octave chords too. And speaking really fast in between the screams. There's little hint of influence from older Spanish screamo bands; I guess this is fourth- or fifth-generation screamo? I'm tolerant of it.

3rd January 2017

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