A horrible hack

Grozny Penthouse

The Death Of Objects

Year Released: 2016
Format: Tape
Label: self released
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Jan 9, 2017
Are there well classified sub-genres of noise because in many regards it is a fascinating type of music. Perhaps one day I'll bump into someone who can enlighten me. I don't normally get the appeal but I make it through the 7 minute opener of this tape with ease. I like how it starts completely devoid of being music and slowly morphs into a "kind" of dance track after a couple of minutes. Sure it doesn't go any further but it has a beat and some ambience and is relaxing. The sort of thing I could put on as I go to sleep, no offence meant. Track 2 is basically a steady beat with some machine noises, until it fades out; holy shit, am I enjoying this? Wait, I'm not sure about the third song - it sounds like they're out at night detecting bats or something. The fourth track is more machines plus a regular buzzing pulse. Yep, I've lost interest but I'll fight on listening to the end, just for you - we finish with a recording or someone pushing a pram over uneven ground and a final track with a constant tapping over the top of more buzzing and that sound when you put your ear next to the opening of a shell. I guess finally I can kind of see the appeal.

9th January 2017

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