A horrible hack



Year Released: 2015
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Jan 29, 2017
Adversary burst into life immediately on this CD; I really rate that. I hope they opened with 'I Wanna See' when they played live. There's a clear retro sound and the band that I am reminded by the most is Political Asylum. It's the vocals as there are clear differences elsewhere. Or have I got mixed up; on second thoughts the vocals are very much reminiscent of the spoken/sung parts from Still Life. Just check out 'Shouldn't Have To'; I bet I could have convinved you this was a Still Life song.

The demo (first six songs) is raw but displays a band finding their sound. They lose this edge as they go into their second demo (second seven songs) but now the songwriting has evolved and improved. The contrast throughout between soft and melodic, and fast and furious, makes this record very interesting and enjoyable.

29th January 2017

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