A horrible hack



Year Released: 2017
Format: Tape
Label: Drunk With Love
Reviewed by MH on Jan 30, 2017
Kitchen is Jame from Rochester, New York, who serves up 14 pensive and downbeat tracks of lo-fi, bedroom pop that feel fitting for the cold weather and this time of year. It's all delicately strummed or plucked acoustic guitar, sleepy vocals and sad, offbeat lyrics mixed in with keyboard (or piano maybe?), maybe some tape hiss and even an ever so brief Cranberries reference. The overall feel is one of a lovely, melancholy warmth. The packaging is absolutely stunning too with some of the tapes coming in a tin and the lyrics come in a prayer booklet. It's a nice fit with the other music I've heard on the Drunk With Love label like Jake Bellissimo and Wendy Alembic. If you like your lo-fi, bedroom pop nice and downbeat you'd do well to give this a listen.

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