A horrible hack

Hella Comet

Locust Valley

Year Released: 2016
Format: CD
Label: Noise Appeal
Reviewed by MH on Feb 9, 2017
This CD has been keeping me company on the car stereo for the past week or so having finally been picked up from the review pile. Hella Comet come from Austria and are new to me. It's something of a mix of genres with alt rock, post punk, noise and shoegaze along the way as well as a more experimental track to close the album out. Lea's vocals lead the tracks and while the band dip in and out of genres there's still a nice flow to the album. The highlights for me are the noisy post punk of "43goes79goes43" with its thick, angular bassline, and the menacing "Idiots and Slavery" towards the end of the album.

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