A horrible hack

Pearl Crush

First Blush

Year Released: 2017
Format: 7"
Label: Poison Moon
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Feb 11, 2017
Two delicious tracks here from the debut release by Pearl Crush. “First Blush” has a big fat 80s kind of production, perhaps a touch deliberately overdone. It could be overly sweet and cloying but the music is bent in some interesting directions, with some brief but fun guitar solos interspersed here and there. The vocals fit it perfectly and it is absurdly catchy. It reminds me of the Pearl Harbor EP and a lot of the dream pop stuff I was listening to on Captured Tracks around 2010. Which is an era I have a lot of fondness for. The other track, “Semi Precious Stone”, moves away from that style a little with a bit more of a straight up classic indie popper. Good stuff all round.

CZine emo nerd fact fans: this band features Kirke Campbell of Die, Emperor! Die! on bass and drums.

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