A horrible hack

Snail Mail

Habit EP

Year Released: 2016
Format: Tape
Label: Sister Polygon Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Feb 11, 2017
This one popped up on the Spotify “discover” playlist that it puts together for you each week based on what it's algorithm thinks you’re into. Normally that list doesn’t really push me towards anything particularly thrilling but in this instance it is bang on the money and exactly what I want from that playlist. Snail Mail have put together a wistful little 6 track EP of downbeat indie rock that leans in a direction that I personally refer to as emo. Whether they do or not is another matter. I mean, just listen to the title track as the guitars jangle repetitiously and intensely, along with the melancholy air of the vocals. Emo as fuck. And then there’s the gorgeous emo-waltz of “Static Buzz” which sways from side to side like an old drunk making his way home (it’s me). The songs are often long and meandering, not urgent to reach a conclusion. And absolutely gorgeous, twinkling away. Where have the bands like this been. It doesn’t even particularly remind me of anything, which is wonderful. Occasional moments of something like the Blue Period perhaps. Early Promise Ring? I’m clutching at straws.

This is really a lovely release. Exactly my kind of thing and I am excited to hear whatever they get up to next.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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