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Ulises Lima - Wann - Shonen Bat

As Far, So Close

Year Released: 2016
Format: Download
Label: Atom-ize
Reviewed by MH on Feb 13, 2017
Here we have a three way split between three bands from different cities in Spain. I'm pretty familiar with both Ulises Lima and Shonen Bat by now but Wann are new to me.

Ulises Lima kick things off and serve up four new songs that are typical of their emo sound. Things roll along nicely in the opener before they let rip with cries of "This will be our last song" - thankfully it's not. Wann follow them and are right up my street. They're closer in sound to Ulises Lima than Shonen Bat with a melodic and punky emo sound mixed in with plaintive guitar lines and a weary resilience to their lyrics. The slower "Companion, relief" might be the pick of the bunch for me and the good news is that there's a bunch more stuff by them on bandcamp for me to get into as they've been around since 2012. The four songs that Shonen Bat have on here are replete with their nervy, jangling guitars and noisier outbursts. I often think of Polaris when I hear Shonen Bat and "The Runner" in particular is very Van Pelt-like in the talky vocals.

Can't go wrong here really. Both Ulises Lima and Shonen Bat are bands I will always keep an eye out for and it's a nice introduction to Wann for me.

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