A horrible hack

Expo Seventy

America Here and Now Sessions

Year Released: 2017
Format: LP
Label: Essence Music
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Feb 19, 2017
This is a fantastic collection of vaguely krautrock-inspired kosmische rumbling drones that brings to mind the peerless “The Invisible Mountain” by Horseback and also some of the longer tracks by The Cosmic Dead.

Made as part of a three week “art experience” in Kansas, it features warm, gentle harmonics which drift and lilt around the room, lulling you to the verge of semi-consciousness, before the full sonic barrage of the two drummers reincarnates you.

The Fall now have two drummers, although it doesn’t make up for the loss of the keyboard player – you should go along and see them anyway though because they’re the fucking Fall and Smith will be dead soon and you’ll always regret being such an imbecile for staying in and watching that show about people begging Alan Sugar for a job at his company. Twats.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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